Els Pastorets

Els Pastorets

18 h Mundial Theatre

One of the essential elements of Catalan Christmas are the performances of the Pastorets (The Little Shepherds), -or Pastorells as they are called in the Balearic Islands. These are performed by amateur theatre groups and are usually staged in social centres, church halls, casinos or theatres. It is a popular theatre genre that, thanks to its roots, tradition and popularity, is considered to be a Catalan theatre classic. The origin of els Pastorets dates back to medieval Christmas celebrations and continued during the sixteenth century. These theatre performances depicting the birth of the Messiah, initially designed to reaffirm the value and the teachings of the dogma and the holy scripture among believers, became customary and traditional in churches.

 The unceasing popularity and the undeniable attraction of the Pastorets as a show for the whole family is thanks to the ability of the producers of the genre to maintain the freshness and the ingenuity of the original throughout the centuries, and at the same time, manage to make audiences complicit with the criticisms and mockery of the social and political life of the moment, expressed in couplets, coplas, satire or jokes and improvised to the delight of the public.

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