Temporary exhibition "Javier Garcés. Ceramic sculptures"

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Inauguration: Sunday April 14, 7:30 p.m.

Exhibition: from April 14 to July 23, 2018

On Saturday, April 14, coinciding with the activities of International Art Day, the Terracotta Museum will open the temporary exhibition "Javier Garcés. Ceramic sculptures "in the temporary exhibition hall. The event will be chaired by Mr. Lluís Sais i Puigdemont, mayor of La Bisbal d'Empordà, and will end with the performance of the singer-songwriter Pau Blanc, who will present the songs of his first studio album El Jou (Right Here Right Now, 2017).

One of the aims of the museum is the dissemination of ceramics as a form of artistic expression, and therefore, of contemporary artists who use clay as the raw material of their creations. The protagonist of the new exhibition of the Terracotta Museum is one of the most influential and recognized authors of our territory in this discipline. A retrospective exhibition dedicated entirely to the pottery work of this resident artist and adoptive son of the Empordà, Javier Garcés (Zaragoza, 1959).

The temporary exhibition room will show a tour of its sculptural production made in ceramics, pieces that will be reinforced through drawings and sketches made by the artist. This selection of works, of a shocking and very personal realism, will allow us to capture their great mastery of the technique, works that are still a reflection of their closest human environment (confirmed by family and friends).

Garcés is a tireless worker, constant and perseverant, his sculptural work has always oscillated between the generic and the singular, between the removal of every trace of individualization until the hyper-realistic recreation in the smallest detail of his characters. It is therefore a sculptural recreation that ennobles the real people he portrays, but without sublimating them.

His career has always been characterized by honesty and honesty, characteristics that have led him to the extraordinary mastery that we can admire in this exhibition.

Once the official presentation of the new exhibition has finished, the musician Pau Blanc will present the songs of his first album El Jou, produced by another musician from Bizkaia, Aleix Bou (Mazoni, The Gramophone Allstars, Nuria Graham). This first work presents a dozen themes that move between the pop of the author, folk and pop rock, all with some letters full of irony.

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