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La Bisbal d'Empordà has many cultural activities and services so all visitors can enjoy the city from its many different points of interest: crafts, shopping, ceramics, heritage sites, fairs and markets, antiquities, castles, history, etc.


Folk culture and festivals

La Bisbal offers new proposals such as the Street Circus Fair, proposals that recover rituals or traditions from other times, such as the “Correfoc”, the Bisbal “beasts” or the dances of the giants and capgrossos [big heads], and proposals linked to traditional culture, such as the summer town festival or sardana dance group meetings.

The Street Circus Festival in La Bisbal d’Empordà is held on the third weekend in July and it is a reference in Catalonia and internationally, despite its amateur nature. It has always been known for its original and avant-garde programme, for the quality of the companies and artists that take part and for the diversity of the genres.

Inspired in the Dance of the Devils (dating from the 12th century) which symbolised the fight between good and evil, the “Correfoc” is a parade-spectacle with fire where the Dragons set off bangers and firecrackers and create a visual spectacle that anyone can take part in if properly protected. It is one of the main events of the Local Festival, together with the parade and dance of the giants (a tradition dating back to the 14th century). The Local Festival, held on and around the 15th August, includes many children’s activities, sardana dance concerts, evening balls and performances by music groups for children, among others. It is the main festival in the city. On 17th August 2015, the BBC published the following paragraph on its website: 

"Catalan festival marked with flames and fireworks

The annual festival of flames and fireworks has taken place in Catalonia. Known as Correfoc, meaning "fire run", the people of La Bispal D'Emporda, just north of Barcelona, are treated to displays of villagers dressed as devils warding off evil spirits by dancing to music. Other displays included whirling dragons who scattered their sparks amongst the huge crowds to the beat of local 'gralla' drums".



On the first Sunday in June La Bisbal hosts the Sardana dance group event, the festival of Catalan traditional dance and music.

The Remei meeting at Castell d’Empordà and the local festival at Sant Pol are traditional celebrations for these two towns in the La Bisbal region.

Aside from the above mentioned, different traditional festivals organised by local entities are held throughout the year.


5 de gener

5 de enero

5th January

5 Janvier

Cavalcada de Reis

Cabalgata de Reyes

Three Wisemen Parade

Défilée des Trois Rois

Febrer o març (segons el calendari lunar)

Febrero o marzo (depende del calendario lunar)

February or March (depending on religious calendar)

Février ou Mars (sélon calendrier lunaire)

Rua de Carnestoltes i Carnestoltes popular

Desfile de Carnaval y Carnaval popular


Mardi Gras Festival


Mardi Gras

Setmana Santa


Semana Santa





Fira Antic Empordà i Les receptes de l’àvia (anys senars) o Fira Artesana i La cuina de la terrissa(anys parells)

Feria Antic Empordà y Las recetas de la abuela (años impares) o Feria Artesana y la Cocina de la Alfarería (años pares)

Antic Empordà Fair (uneven years) or Artesana Fair (even years)

Foire Antic Empordà (années impaires) ou Foire Artesana (années paires)

23 Abril

23 Abril

23rd April

23 Avril

Diada de Sant Jordi. Fira de roses i llibres

San Jorge. Feria de rosas y libros

George’s Day. Roses and books fair

Saint George. Foire de roses et livres

Entre abril i maig (Prova puntuable per la Copa de Catalunya)

Entre abril y mayo (Prueba puntuable para la Copa de Catalunya )

Between April and May (Proof that can be scored for the Copa de Catalunya )

Entre Avril et Mai (Une preuve qui peut être marquée pour la Copa de Catalunya)

Marxa BTT Conca del Daró

Marcha BTT Cuenca del Daró

BTT Conca del Daró race

BTT Conca del Daró course


1 maig

1 mayo

1st May

1r Mai

Fira Mercat al Carrer i espais temàtics: fira de vehicles d’ocasió, mostra de Playmobil...

feria Mercado en la Calle y espacios temáticos: feria de vehículos de ocasión, muestra de Playmobil...

Market on the streets

Marché sur les rues

Final maig – Final juny

Final mayo – Final junio

End May - End June

Fin mai - fin Juin

Festival Daró Folk, cada divendres: música i balls tradicionals a la plaça Major

Festival Daró Folk, cada viernes: música y bailes tradicionales en la plaza Mayor

Festival Daró Folk, every Friday: music and traditional dances in the Plaza Mayor

Festival Daró Folk, tous les vendredis: musique et danses traditionnelles à la Plaza Mayor

1r cap de setmana de juny

1r fin de semana de junio

1st weekend in June

1r weekend en Juin

Aplec de la sardana

Fiesta de la sardana

Sardana Folk Dance Festival

Festival de la danse folk Sardana





FITM (Festival internacional de Torre Maria), cada dimecres. Oferta de música alternativa amb gastronomia

FITM (Festival internacional de Torre Maria), cada miércoles. Oferta de música alternativa con gastronomia

FITM (International Festival of Torre Maria), every Wednesday

FITM (Festival International de Torre Maria), tous les mercredis

3r cap de setmana de juliol

3º fin de semana de julio

3rd weekend in July

3ème weekend en Juillet

Fira de Circ al Carrer

Feria de Circo de Calle

Street Circus Festival

Festival du Cirque de Rue

1r dissabte d’agost

1r sábado de agosto

1st Saturday in August

1r Samedi en Aôut

Marxa nocturna per les Gavarres

Marcha noctura en Les Gavarres

Night March around the Gavarres mountain

Marche populaire dans la montagne des Gavarres

14-18 agost

14-18 de agosto

14-18th August

14-18 Aôut

Festa Major

Fiesta Mayor

Town festival

Fêtes patronales


16 d’agost a les 22 h

16 de agosto a las 22 h

August 16th at 10pm

16 Aôut à 22 h






11 setembre


11 septiembre


11th September


11 Septembre

Fira-mercat de brocanters, col.leccionisme i joguines i al mateix temps la  Jornada del vermut

Feria-mercado de brocante, coleccionismo y juguetes y al mismo tiempo la Jornada del vermouth

Vintage, collector’s items and toys fai and Vermouth tasting

Foire du vintage, collectionisme et jouets et Journée du Vermouth

Segon diumenge d’octubre

Segundo domingo de octubre

Second Sunday in October

Deuxième  dimanche en Octobre

Arrossada i aplec a l’ermita del Remei

Paella en la ermita del Remei

Paella meal for everyone at the Remei chapel

Repas de paella a l’eglise du Remei

Als voltants del Pont del Pilar

Alrededor del Puente del Pilar

Around the 12th of October

Près du 12 Octobre


Tastaolletes: fira gastronòmica i de ceràmica

Feria gastronomia y ceràmica

Gastronomy and pottery fair

Foire gastronomie et poterie

Al voltant del 13 de desembre

Alrededor del 13 de diciembre

Around the 13th of December

Près du 13 Décembre

Aplec de Santa Llúcia

Fiesta de la ermita de Santa Llúcia

Saint Llúcia fest

Fête de Santa Llúcia


El diumenge abans de Nadal

El domingo antes de Navidad

The Sunday before Christmas

Le Dimanche avant Nöel

Fira Dolça

Feria Dulce

Sweet fair

Foire sucrée

25 desembre

25 diciembre

25th December

25 Décembre

Ball de Nadal

Baile de Navidad

Christmas Party

Fête de Noel


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